Deutsch Langhaars vom Coraschatten

Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: Deutsch Langhaar, German Longhaired Pointer

Deutsch Langhaars are versatile dogs that are expected to point, track, and retrieve on land and water. Our dogs are held to the highest standards before they can be bred. Each of our DLs must prove themselves in hunting tests, a conformation show, and actual hunting in the field before they can be bred. We also only breed DLs that exhibit the calm, cooperative temperament that the breed is known for. Our goal is to provide hunters with a beautiful, calm, and talented gundog that even the most novice of handlers can train to the highest levels.

Our puppies are only sold to hunting homes with preference being given to owners who also commit to testing their puppy. We ask all of our puppy owners to test their puppy through the JGHV (German testing system) and x-ray the hips of their puppy.

Please visit our website at for more information about the breed and our dogs in particular. You can also visit the Deutsch Langhaar-Gruppe Nordamerika website at for more information about the breed.

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