East Lake Large Munsterlander
New Jersey

Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: Large Munsterlander


Large Munsterlander Association of America Approved:

Copper Foxs Andromeda, NAVHDA NA 104/112 (Prize 1), Hips/Elbows: Excellent, HUU Clear


Sunnynooks Ace, NAVHDA NA 80/112 (Prize 3), Hips: Excellent, HUU Carrier

Breeding COI of 1.59

All puppies will be registered with the official Large Munsterlander Association of America Registry. Through our membership with the Large Munsterlander Association of America, we support the hunt & health based testing of this breed to produce a canine that excels at pointing, tracking and retrieving game via land and sea. Learn more about the LM Breed at www.largemunsterlander.org.

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