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Rick Coggins | Apr 16, 2021

We bought a 3.5 year old female Llewellyn Setter from Sara Dow, "Cricket" three weeks ago. She was skin and bones. "Cricket" had large nipples, indicating she had a litter of pups at some time. Sara Dow said, "She was never bred." Sara Dow promised to provide proof of rabies vaccine, and never did. She never registered or licensed the dog with the town. There were no vet records of "Cricket", Sara Discs aid she gave her own shots to the dog ( to save money?). In the three weeks of owning Cricket,she bit our neighbor's face ( requiring plastic surgery), attacked our other neighbor's dog, and attacked our vet. During the animal control officer's (ACO) investigation of the biting incident, it was discovered that a friend of the ACO " used to" be friends with Sarah Dow, and also knew "Cricket.". This person also owned one of Cricket's puppies which was 2.5 years old(that according to Sara Dow, never existed, and also meant that Sara Dow bred her at just over 1 year old. This person called Sara Dow " sketchy at best.". As a result of the faces biting incident, we had to have "Cricket" go through a behavioral assessment which she failed miserably. I had to put Cricket down this morning. I am VERY disappointed in Sara Dow. Can't trust her. I will be seeking a return of the purchase price of "Cricket.". She can do the right thing and refund the purchase price of Cricket, or I will gladly take legal action and include costs not damages. Her choice. Be aware of Sara Dow-her treatment of the dogs ( Cricket weighed 34 lbs, and had a visibly boney spine, and skin on ribs), her utter lack of lying to us about Cricket not being bred (and she may have been bred more than once, based on the size of her nipples), her failure to provide proof of rabies vaccination ( she claims her mother took Cricket to a local fire dept rabies vax clinic...again, to save money?), and her refusal to follow Maine State law to have your dog licensed/registered ( another way to save money?). Do yourself a favor, do not get any dog from Sara Dow. By: R. Coggins Clinton, ME. 4-16-21

Chuck Ainsworth | Dec 25, 2020

We searched high and low for family friendly bloodline with high hunting drive. Sara listened to our requirements and bent over backwards to make it happen. She was simply amazing to work with and Jaeger has been a perfect fit. Great experience all around!


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