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Rochester, Washington

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Jim Jorgensen

Rochester, WA 98579
United States
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This is a hardy litter of really good-sized pups. The sire (Hightailinit's Ramblin' Man) is a muscular, but not bulky, 55lbs, and the dam (Hightailinit Remi) is herself a long-legged 55lbs.

The litter of nine has been raised with the family, allowing the dam to be in her natural habitat. They are now going outside daily to explore, grow and show their natural tendencies.

Both Buddy & Remi are excellent in the field and the home - what we love about Setters!

I am placing the ad for the Jackson Family. I would ask that you contact Kurtis or Kari for updated information on personalities and such, availability, and pictures. They are located in Washington state.

Thank you for your interest! These will be great dogs!

Phone: 541.570.5743 (Kari) 253.365.3659 (Kurt)
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