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Mankato, Minnesota

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David Ewel
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United States
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Now taking applications for Sage x Hank Puppies. Litter due July 9, 2021 and expected to home around Labor Day. Both Sire and Dam come from great hunting lines. This pairing is expected to produce puppies with natural hunting ability, lots of prey drive balanced with indoor calmness and a willingness to please. These pups should be very trainable hunting dogs and outstanding family companions.

Sage is a good looking 55 lb female - liver & white, patched & ticked, standing 26 inches. She comes from a line of Deutsch Kurzhaars tested by DKV and NADKC. Several of her great grandparents earned the highly prestigious Kurzhaar Sieger or KS title that is added to their name. She is a quick learner and has fantastic prey drive with a fabulous off switch resulting in her being both a great hunting dog and an outstanding companion. She is bold and confident, able to show independence in the field while normally being obedient and naturally cooperative.
Location: Southern MN
AKC reg: SS02801401
NAVHDA reg: GS-019905
OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbow: Normal
OFA Eyes: Normal
OFA Heart: Normal
CD: n/n

Hank is a handsomely marked liver and roan GSP. He stands 26 inches and weighs 60-62 lb. His parents are VC Top Tiers Hurricane Chloe MH and INT CH VC Sharp Shooters Ladies Man Chappie. Both parents have successfully established themselves in several testing venues and Hank is gifted with their many qualities in the field, in the water, as well as in the home. His outstanding natural ability and intelligence compliment his strong desire and cooperation.
Hank thrives under the pressures of training as was seen when he passed his NAVHDA UT with a 201 Prize 1 at the young age of 27 months. Hank's passion for training and work helps him learn new skills quickly.
NAVHDA: UT -PZ1. NA - PZ1 (Hank will be attending the 2021 NAVHDA Invitational in September)
Location: Southern MN
AKC reg: SS00232206
NAVHDA reg: GS-018849
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbow: Normal
OFA Eyes: Normal
OFA Heart: Normal
CD - N/N
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