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Tim Gorecki
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Full registration, out of two generations of National Field Champions!

Oh these lil ones are special! They are Mumble and Carbons first litter together and, Mumbles very first litter; she is a great momma and enjoying every second of it! The babies entered the world on August 8th, 2023 pink and twitchy. Mumble had a mixture of colors, for the first time in awhile, Tim and Katie have some black and white puppies! Momma Mumble has 7 total: 2 males (1 Liver and White, 1 Black and White) and 5 females ( 2 Black and White, 3 Liver and White). What a HOOT!!

Check us out at https://www.harvesthunters.com/

For Puppy Pictures go here: https://www.harvesthunters.com/puppies/mumble-x-carbon-summer-2023-puppies

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