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Berg Bros Setters / Berg Bros Gun Dogs offer one of the finest facilities for training, boarding and selecting your next hunting or field trial companion. It is owned and managed by Ben & Dawn Berg who have extensive experience and knowledge with upland bird hunting, field trials, and overall care of hunting dogs. Ben has over 40 years experience and is recognized as a top professional bird dog trainer. Every dog he handles, he successfully brings them to their fullest potential through proven training techniques and a special connection he has with all dogs. Berg Bros Setters breeding program is internationally known and highly respected. Scott Berg, Ben's brother, has contributed greatly to the program with his extensive knowledge and contacts throughout the industry. We offer top of the line bred English Setters and Irish Setters to the discerning hunter and field trial enthusiast.

Ben and Scott started breeding Setters in 1976. Ben was 23 and Scott was just 15 when they started. Ben started training dogs at 16 when his father built a 102 dog kennel facility for his long-time friend Ed Schnettler who put two dogs in the Field Trial Hall of Fame. Ben and Scott spent a lot of time at Ed's training grounds. Looking back they both realize that Ed taught them valuable fundamental lessons. They learned that avoiding kennel blindness and a disciplined selection process are prerequisites to breeding superior animals. It took a number of years of successes and failures to understand what it would take to produce dogs that exhibited strength across a variety of performance related characteristics. They also added one more requirement that would make it even tougher. They demanded they also be great companions. Disposition has a marginal effect on their performance in the field, but they are pets 365 days/year and we wanted dogs that were a pleasure to be around.

Ben runs the Kennel, does 90 % of all the training, and handles all the dogs on a daily basis. He lives, breathes, and loves these animals. Hence, he knows every dog and what makes each one of them tick. He collaborates daily with Scott concerning future breedings and often trains on the weekends with Scott. Ben takes dogs to the Prairie annually for wild bird exposure. He also field trials our dogs and client's dogs. He has trained pointing dogs since he was 16 years old, learning allot from well-known handlers and if not as much from his own years of experience. There are many techniques out there, each claiming to be the one true method. What Ben has found that as with children's ability to learn, each is an individual. The same is true with dogs, even within the same breed. So, all of his knowledge of different training techniques is specialized for each individual dog. His technique is to train without the use of electrical stimulation or force. Bonding & communication is the foundation for his training programs.

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