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We are Kenzie and Ben Parrish and we own and operate Blue Manor Farms. Together we are working to restore and renovate our 120-year-old home, cultivate the surrounding property, and raise Brittanys with great temperaments and health.

Our aim is to improve the Brittany breed and to most importantly make sure that all our puppies will be wonderful members of the family. We accomplish this with solid genetics, proper socialization, and environmental stimulation to give them the best start in life. We only breed Brittanys that are of sound health and good temperament, producing beautiful examples of the breed. They are OFA tested and at least 2 years of age before breeding.

Our dogs are raised in our home with us, where they can get used to daily life and start their crate and house training. The puppies are around our other adult dogs, our young nieces and nephews, and our farm animals. They are exposed to car rides, loud noises, environmental stimulation, and obstacles to help them learn coordination and gain confidence. We always ensure that pups are well handled and loved before they go to their new homes.

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