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Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: English Pointer, Patterdale Terrier

Bo'Darc Kennel, home of true blue collar working dogs. Bo'Darc Kennel, now 20 years old, has been and continues to this day to be based on hard tested, proven hunting lineages. Take a look at Bo'Darc Kennel....there is a difference...

BoDarc Kennel is committed to raising the finest gun dogs to be found. From this kennels conception in 1990, it was and still is founded on the blending of CH. Slate Creek Doc, CH. Guard Rail and CH. Fiddler bloodlines.

This kennel was birthed from the love of bird hunting with my dad. That love then fueled the desire to produce exceptional bird dogs. From that desire, you now will find a dog bred to be a hunting machine, yet blessed with intelligence, a high cooperation level, natural gundog instincts completed with a kind, loving personality.

Bo'Darc Kennel is equally committed to raising the finest Patterdales available. The Terriers of BoDarc Kennel are all bred from true representatives of solid hunting lineages. Each individual Terrier found at BoDarc Kennel is a product of many years of breeding from hard tested dogs. These dogs were rigorously hunted and tested in the field on game where only the true strong survived, and were then used as breeding stock. Each BoDarc Terrier is a prime example; in conformation, ability, temperament, and performance.

If you expect the best, maybe its time you consider a Bo'Darc Pointer, becausethere is a difference

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Tim veach | Dec 9, 2020

I bought a patterdale from Mike in 2004 . We named him Tator . He was all dog and everything we were looking for . The old dog is still alive and kicking . He and I are both moving slower these days but if it's got fur on it he still knows what he's about . Thanks Mike . Tator is alive incredible loyal and representative of a first rate breeder and a comprehensive breeding program. Thanks for your hospitality and once in a life time dog .

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