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Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: German Shorthaired Pointer

Established in 1996, we continue to provide quality German Shorthairs with excellent prey drive and versatility. Through selective breeding, our pups have proven to be confident, biddable (cooperative), and show strong natural ability in the field on both upland and waterfowl game. Our focus is on the Deutsch Kurzhaar with an intense drive, confident personality, and all purpose gun dog with the intention of having a dog capable of finding and pointing game, as well as tracking, and retrieving game at a range suitable for a foot hunter.

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Mike P. | Oct 25, 2016

Having owned 8 GSP's throughout my life and searching breeders all over the NW. I only wihs I had found Calvert Kennels years ago. Cannot say enough of their professionalism, knowledge of the breed, and care they put into their dogs. To add to that, the quality of their dogs and breeding program focusing on their hunting ability is outstanding! I was hunting over my pup at 5 months! She is a bird finding machine, loves the water, and has tracked wounded birds over 300 yards! At the end of the day, she is a pleasure to have in the home as well. Cannot say enough. Thank you for such a tremendous hunting partner and companion!

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