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Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: Braque Du Bourbonnais

Chateau Kennels is located in Sioux Falls, SD, in the heart of bird country. We have been involved with the Braque du Bourbonnais breed since 1994 when we purchased our first Bourbonnais, "Masque". Our breeding program has now been rekindled with the three Bourbonnais we share our home and hunt with.
We started breeding German Shorthaired Pointers in 1988. A few years later our kennel was searching for a "different & unique" bird dog breed. An article published in Gun Dog Magazine in 1993 described a breed which was a "talent in a small package". We contacted Beth & Ron Cepil of Phantom Kennels and a year later our first pup arrived. She impressed us so much that we immediately made arrangements to purchase another Bourbonnais, this is how our commitment & love for the breed and Chateau Kennels came to be.
For us, buying our first Bourbonnais was a big risk with a breed we really knew nothing about. We have been hunting over them for over 22 years and have never regretted our decision. They have given us a lifetime of memorable moments. From our Nebraska pheasant, quail & grouse hunts to this springs South Dakota snow goose season, they have excelled with every type of game.
The challenge of training these dogs for the 3 levels of American Kennel Club Hunt Tests that are offered has been a very enjoyable experience. AKC Hunt Tests offer a progressively more challenging level of training which is geared around the type of hunting we enjoy. The end result is a more rounded, self-confident hunting partner as well an outstanding home companion. It allows us to evaluate from a judges perspective, the hunting strengths and weaknesses of each of our dogs.
In spring of 2015, our "Jetta" became the first Braque du Bourbonnais to earn a Junior Hunter Title recognized by the American Kennel Club. Sabre earned his AKC Junior Hunter title in spring 2016.

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