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Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: Wirehaired Vizsla

Breeding for Natural Ability, Sound Structure, Excellent Temperaments & Whole Health

It is our goal to first and foremost produce mentally and physically healthy puppies who will make wonderful family pets with hopes of many going on to a hunt/performance/show career and for some to contribute toward the betterment of our breed, through our breeding program.

Versatility! Our dogs play a tremendous role in our lives from competitions to couch potato, participating in a variety of activities, some as competition, some just for fun and yet others as wonderful family companion; Hunt, Conformation, Rally, Barn Hunt, Dock Jumping, Obedience, Nosework, Agility, hiking, kayaking, swimming, retrieval, traveling copilot, and man's best friend, to name a few.

As professional obedience trainers we have a thorough understanding of the importance of early development in puppies and how to set them up for long term success as well balanced adults. We put a great deal of work into our enrichment and socialization program during the first 8 weeks of life, getting the puppies started off right. This includes bird and water exposure prior to leaving us.

Our dogs are health screened with OFA results available, AKC registered, microchipped, vaccinated, examined by a veterinarian and come with a contract. We do not ship puppies.

We currently have puppies available to great homes!

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