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Please share your experience of buying a new dog or puppy from Diamond Bar Kennels. Please remember the old adage, “If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.”

Mal | Feb 12, 2024

She harassed people training dogs all over tiktok then blocks them. Making statements that no one will read them, and is vile in her behavior. If she feels that safe with behavior like that publicly don't leave dogs alone with her. She is clearly not into training dogs for the money.

Cat | Sep 12, 2023

This lady must have some kind of personal problem she needs to deal with. She slanders businesses that she has never met. If she treats dogs the same way she treats people she doesnt need to be a trainer. I genuinely feel sorry for her clients. She is childish and really needs to get whatever problem she is dealing with handled before touching another dog.

Wess | Mar 1, 2023

This woman is clearly unstable and should not be trusted. I have seen her posts on social media, harassing others and slandering other business professionals. She is not someone you should leave your precious pets with. Do not trust her. Shes a disgusting excuse for a pet professional

Momma Bear | Mar 1, 2023

I find it precious that you would say if you cant say anything nice, then dont say anything Seriously? You troll dog trainers and leave the most hateful, nasty vile unfounded and unwarranted comments. This behavior is pathetic, despicable and a desperate cry for help. Youre deliberately trying to sabotage a complete strangers profession and livelihood through assumptions, accusations and blatant lies. Obviously your not successful or thriving in your profession so you begrudge anyone else that is. If you had a thriving practice youd be busy at that instead of committing all your time to harassing, gaslighting and stalking. There is professional help available for your kind. You should seek it instead of seeking trouble with strangers. If you cant afford the therapy that you obviously so desperately need maybe you should just ask yourself one simple question before you lash out like a lunatic againwould my actions make my mom proud? Speaking as a mom. HELL NO! YOU are not the victim here. YOU are the bully instigator of BS that cant handle the push back. Thats called a sore loser and a hypocrite

Selma | Mar 1, 2023

This woman is nuts. She will be aggressive with your dog, place shock collar on it. She will play like she is nice and admit her actions are based on mental illness. She will harm your dogs. Do not do business with her at all costs. Period

Do not trust! | Mar 1, 2023

This woman is more concerned with attacking and harassing others on social media instead of how she treats and trains aka abuses dogs into submission! I would never trust her with my animals or even a house plant!

Jena | Mar 1, 2023

The owner of this business is extremely unprofessional and that would be putting it mildly. I would not do business with someone who harasses other people online. It may not be nice to say but it is true.she is crazy

Michael | Mar 1, 2023

Base on this trainers online actions alone I would never hire her nor let her near my dogs. She is despicable and mean. Stalking and harassment is not traits I want in a trainer.

Fuckaround | Feb 28, 2023

And find out. Not a safe place for animals or even humans.

Dave | Feb 28, 2023

I left my dog with this lunatic one time, came back to pick him up, and she had a shock collar on my dog and I caught her hitting him multiple times for whining scared over the collar. This person not only should never lay a hand on a dog, she should also be in prison. She also runs a page called Kelly Blackwell Panzertoo - which is a reference to Nazi WWII tanks, so it's safe to say this lady is a Neo-Nazi as well. STAY AWAY!

Jason | Jun 29, 2022

This lady is NUTS lol

Cindy | Feb 18, 2022

This lady is CRAZY. Go to her Facebook page, she absolutely freaks out over any criticism, attacks people's family, and is just a general idiotic terrible person. She claims she has mental health issues and that gives her reasons to be like this, she's a terrible person and breeder.

Pablo | Jun 14, 2021

Very unprofessional. There are better trainers our there. Do your dog a favor and stay away.

Esparza | Mar 15, 2020

Extremely unprofessional stay away from this kennel

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