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Dutchboy Kennels is the oldest Drentsche Patrijshond breeder in the US and operated by a Dutch-American. We believe the Drent exists to be a family dog that works with their owners, either in the field, on the farm, or in various games and competitions. We aim to breed healthy, athletic, bright hunting dogs with affectionate, stable personalities. The Drent is a hunting dog first, but a family dog most of the time. We look for dogs with a great work ethic and an off switch. We pride ourselves on our working relationships with Dutch breeders, and we breed according to the guidelines of the Dutch breed club. All breeding stock is checked for HD and eyes are OFA certified.

Dutchboy Kennels breed an occasional litter of Drents (Drentsche Patrijshond or Dutch Partridge dogs). We select our breeding stock from hunting and field-trial lines. We are members of and breed according to the guidelines of the Dutch Breed Club. Our pups are registered with the American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service.

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