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Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: Bracco Italiano, German Shorthaired Pointer

Featherhills Kennel has been breeding dogs for over a decade. We health test all of our breeding stock per the guidelines recommended for each breed. All of our dogs must be evaluated in NAVHDA in order to be bred. Featherhills Kennel has earned NAVHDA Breeder Awards in both Natural Ability and Utility.

Featherhills has bred GSPs for over a decade. Our foundation lines were primarily Shooting Star dogs to include 2 NAVHDA Versatile Champions (VCs). We've bred multiple UT I Prized dogs to include a VC and countless NA Prized dogs. We've earned breeder awards in both NA and UT.

Featherhills imported our first Braccos from Hungary 5 years ago. Our dogs have earned NAVHDA NA & UT awards as well as AKC Senior Hunter. Our dogs were awarded Best in Show, Reserve Winners Dog and Bitch at 2014 S.C.O.A. event. Our female Vicky is the #1 field Bracco in the U.S.

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