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I've been breeding Golden Retrievers for 17 years. Started when I was still a Grindol....hence Grindol's Goldens. I worked as an RN in obstetrics for 9 years, but as my kids & fur kids continued to multiply, I finally resigned so that I could have more time at home to tend to my family ~ fur & all!

We are responsible hobby breeders. We are not full-time breeders who breed several breeds of dogs year round, but we produce only a few "spoiled" litters each year. And, although our Goldens spend some of their time living & playing in the backyard, we are not "backyard breeders" who breed a dog and know very little about the breed's qualities and problems. We know that Goldens have a reputation for bad health problems, & we do what we can to avoid this serious concern, which is why we have all our doggie parents screened & certified by board-certified veterinary specialists before we let them have puppies. (See our "Tips on Finding a Healthy Puppy" Page.) We are responsible Golden owners & hobby breeders who love the Golden Retriever breed and ENJOY raising puppies to go on and make other's lives happy as they make our lives happy!!

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