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Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: Epagneul Breton

We are committed to producing the best Epagneul Breton hunting dogs and companions possible. Our breeding stock comes from some of the best Epagneul Bretons from the United States and Europe. Our kennel strives to maintain and improve the breed based on temperament, intelligence, prey drive, scenting ability and other physical attributes and conformation. We have our dogs confirmed at the National Conclave of CEB-US by French and U.S confomatuers to ensure they rate excellent per the standards before breeding them. Further, we hunt and field trial our dogs to show evidence of high quality hunting characteristics. We are against and do not support breeding dogs that are exclusively show dogs. These dogs are shown to loose their hunting instincts. We have our dogs' hips evaluated using OFA or PennHip criteria to ensure the hips are free of degenerative joint disease, and we guarantee our puppies are free of hip dysplasia. Further, we have our dog's tested for the sable A Locus - Ay gene and guarantee that our puppies are not carriers to ensure we do not produce nor pass these traits on to our clients' puppies. We try to be as transparent as we can with our clients about all qualities of our dogs. We partner with those who purchase our puppies to provide guidance as their puppies grow and develop.

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Craig Nordstrom | Jun 5, 2017

What a fantastic breeder! Great experience! We could not be any happier! Our pup Nova has been awesome! Thank you Jackie!

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