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Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: English Springer Spaniel, Springer Spaniel

Hellfire Kennel is situated on a scenic ranch in southwestern Montana with challenging varying terrains that include wide open high prairie meadows, rolling foothills with canyons and coulies, and an established douglas fir forest. Our backyard wildlife is abundant and includes everything from bountiful herds of elk, to hungarian partridge and two species of mountain grouse. We have hundreds of acres to train and play on.

We are members of many dog clubs, including the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association and Sussex Spaniel Club of America, our national parent clubs. Hellfire is an AKC registered kennel name, and we are an accomplished and experienced field performance breeder of merit. Our breeding foundation began with a very strong, very sound, and very beautiful bitch with an incredible pedigree. Since then we have been very fortunate as the gun dogs we enjoy shooting over have also produced some very talented field trial dogs including a National Open Guns Award Winner, a #1 US High Point Puppy, several #1 Interclub High Point Puppies, two ESSFTA Versatile Springer Awards and an OFA Champion of Health.

As dedicated stewards of this talented and versatile breed, we place importance on maintaining the intense hunting instincts we love to shoot over and the biddable, easy to train temperaments we love to work and live with. We are very proud that our gun dogs compete in the field as well as companion dog events like obedience, agility and tracking. In addition to Field Championships and numerous Master Hunter titles, our dogs have also won Obedience High in Trial, Rally High Combined and Versatile Companion Dog awards.

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