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Anthony | Dec 7, 2019

Grew up with beagles as my grandfather was an avid rabbit hunter so I know a good hunting dog when I see one. I purchased my 1st wirehair from John almost 10 years ago and all I can say is thanks to everyone who looked over her because she was the runt of the litter. My dog was the last puppy John had in 2009 and she was almost 6 months old when I contacted John about her. He explained to me she came from a large litter and he had sold all of her siblings except her because no one wanted her. I decided to take a chance on her because I had a good feeling about John and his honest nature. 10 years later I can say I have definitely gotten my monies worth and then some. Dory has put me on so many South Dakota pheasants and Minnesota grouse I don't have the words to describe the joy I've had over the years hunting with her. She's a rock solid hunter and a great companion to my kids. Thanks so much John for taking a chance and selling me the runt of the litter (LOL).

Jim/Patty Tonsi | May 27, 2018

We just got our second Wirehair from John a couple of weeks ago, our first is now 13 1/2. Gracie will be groomed to take over hunting duties from half-aunt Heidi and is already lady of the house. Anticipate she will be a hunting machine as well.

Kevin | Aug 8, 2015

Have purchased 2 wirehairs in the past from John. Very good dogs natural hunters, they virtually trained themselves. still have the 2nd one he is 13 and still a hunting machine although has slowed down, they are also great family pets.

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