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We live on a little acreage in the farmlands of Idaho. We are a family including 5 kids, animals, and always bird dogs. We have been owned by English Pointers, Setters and GSHs. Each earned a place in our hearts. Our ultimate bird dog would be an instinctual hunter, trainable, and mostly a great family dog and connected companion. Now we can share our secret we found the package deal in the funny Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Enjoy our pictures and stories, everyone is OUTBACK bred.
Christy and Elliott

Goals at Idaho Outback Griffons

My philosophy is to produce a puppy at the height of his potential. We start by carefully selecting our breeding stock. I use AKC registered, health screened, tested dogs, that perfectly fall within AKC standards, that gives us the best chance to produce a healthy, long lived dog.

My second goal is to raise our dogs like a house hold pet as well as a hunting companion and a best friend for my ch. When I select a potential breeding animal I am looking for the joyous attitude Griffons are famous for, not too meek not to dominant. You will not see a rows of kennels with Griffons in them at my place. Our dogs are part of our household. We Co-Own with friends, so other dogs in our breeding program have their own family life.

Lastly I want to retain and selectively breed for natural versatile hunting abilities. All of the dogs we retain for potential breeding animals range tight, hunt hard, naturally point, and honor, love water, and retrieve willingly. We are looking for animals that do all this because that is what their
owners are doing. Not just because they are hunting machines.

All puppies are sold with a 36 month Genetic Health Guarantee.

I have a fairly energetic BLOG as well as an associated FACEBOOK Page
The BLOG will follow the development of each litter. It also contains rambling news. I am told it is addicting, just to be warned.

We will be breeding a several of our females for fall 2019 and May 2020


I keep a running waiting list for these upcoming pups 208-532-4822 or email at
I want my puppy people to have a great adventure.
We pay attention to details.
Outback bred Griffon puppies take a little time to get, but some things are just worth the wait:}
Thanks Christy

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Please share your experience of buying a new dog or puppy from Idaho Outback Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Please remember the old adage, “If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.”

Kim Foote | Jun 28, 2023

I have 1 Idaho Outback Griffon and a new puppy coming this summer. So thankful for such wonderful, smart, family friendly and great hunting dog. Will always get my dogs here

Cathy Gerhard | Jun 10, 2021

I am so grateful for this WPG breeder. My six year old female, Briar's Gypsy Rose is such a great, relational, great in the field and healthy. I wish I was younger. I would get on the list for another Outback Griffon

Hughes | Jun 8, 2021

Our 4 year old dog Gunner is a fast learner, AMAZING bird hunter, eager to please, hilarious personality, and the most social dog we have ever met. Is a big part of our family and great with our kids. Christy does a great job with these dogs and highly recommend!

Sheryl Storey | Jun 7, 2021

I have 2 Idaho Outback Griffons. One male and his year younger half sister. Best dogs Ive ever had. My male was last pick; my female first pick. I wouldnt trade either oneboth smart, funny and so easy to train.

Kris McNevin | Jun 7, 2021

Lucky enough to have 2 Idaho Outback Griffons. Daisy and Gus are the best dogs we have ever had! Great working dogs and amazing family pets. Christy has always been easy to work with, clearly understands these dogs and communicates well. Highly recommend!

Griffin | Jun 7, 2021

Great breeder who cares about the dogs and where they are placed. Our Grif is VERY birdie and loves every second of family time as well.

Alex Holt | Jun 7, 2021

Love our griffon! Christy was easy to work with and communicated well. Our puppy is smart, super healthy, and a great family dog. Hes a natural at pointing, and my husband has been highly impressed with his hunting skills. Our kids love him. A great experience and a wonderful breed.

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