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INCLUDE your direct number or email for reply.We have dogs time to time.
We are in Lake,Michigan.We own Patterdale/Fell Terriers.--We have no hidden agenda.We just enjoy what we have.Maybe they're not for everyone, but we're sure happy.
1 231 333 5046

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Lewis Murdent Jr | Nov 15, 2022

We got our dog chopper from you in may 2007. We with sad hearts he has passed away we have love every min with him he was silly and protective of his family. Thank you for such a grate time with him. His parents were lil Turk and zena wilsons

A.Hernandez | Apr 17, 2022

Hello Craig. I sure wish you guys were still breeding .I got some of my best dogs ever from you and your family and miss visiting you guys. If you ever start back holler at me.YIS brother

Felix | Mar 27, 2017

I love my boy Genghis so much. He is a handful sometimes, but nothing I can't handle. My boy is out of Gannicus and J&J's Trixie. Maybe looking for another one soon.

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