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Located 30 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia. We are happy you stopped by and hope you visit often.

We at Louter Creek Hunting Poodles are currently breeding and training some of our Standard Poodles for Waterfowl Hunting. As you know, Standard Poodles were originally Water Retrievers and today still make great working dogs and retrievers. They are excellent working dogs as well as outstanding companions and pets. Standard Poodles are highly intelligent dogs, possibly the most intelligent of all canine breeds. You too can enjoy this versatile, magnificent breed with your family. Early training and obedience is the key to having a great family pet that you can live with and be proud of. Our Poodles are worked with on a daily basis, including obedience, and retriever training.

We are one of the few breeders of Standard Poodles that not only run hunt tests, but actually hunt with our dogs. The hunt tests are a lot of fun as we made new friends along the way and have learned about the different retrieving breeds. It's not every day you see a Poodle at a hunt test surrounded by a seas of Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. We are looking forward to the Fall hunt tests and hope to have a good hunting season!
Our Poodles are gently raised with the love and affection of our family. We aim to provide high quality standard poodles of excellent type and temperament. Our sire and dams are genetically tested, including their hips, elbows (OFA), eyes (CERF) and test for bleeding disorders (Vwd). We breed occasionally, selectively, and adhere to the Standard Poodle breed standard. All of our puppies are AKC registered and come with limited registration, and a two year health guarantee against genetic diseases. Louter Creek does not approve of, or condone the crossbreeding of Standard Poodles.

Standard Poodles are hypo-allergenic and do not shed. Most of all they are wonderful with children as they love to play and do many silly things just as kids do. My daughter, Lexie, is the reason why we chose the Poodle. She has asthma and allergies and does extremely well with the Poodles inside the house. Below is a picture of Lexie with her first our cream female "Enya".

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