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Diesel 9 months old first Canada Goose

Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: Labrador Retriever

MAKTAWAE LABRADORS are bred to do it all - not just dual purpose dogs - they have earned titles in Conformation, Obedience, Hunt Tests, WC Tests, Temperament Tests, Therapy Dogs, Canine Good Citizenship & Good Neighbour Tests. Some of my dogs have gone into Search & Rescue, Border Patrol and the Service Dogs breeding program, which I am very proud of. Most are family hunting companions.

Temperament, Soundness and Type are very important qualities in my home raised Labradors. Where field and show lines merge to improve structure and maintain natural ability to retrieve, and trainability. Striving to narrow the gap between show and working lines. My personal dogs are all hunted over.

A Labrador Retriever should be able to do it all !

Many people ask about English style or American style of dogs. My Labradors are bred to meet the breed standard for Canada as set forth by the Canadian Kennel Club.

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