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Sandra Rush | Jun 15, 2020

Met my first Boykin in Spring of 1992 when life had thrown me a curve and happy wasnt in my vocabulary until I started walking a friends two Boykins every morning. Watching those two beautiful dogs charge into the water of their lake was like a magic potion. I was gifted my first Boykin pup six months later. Since then we have been blessed with six male Boykins from four kennels in the Carolinas. Yep, Boykins are bred as field dogs, but they are also wonderful family and companion dogs. It depends on the breeder. Some are almost aghast that you would want a breed and not use them for their main purpose .... and then theres Tommy. Weve always had at least two boys in our home and were looking at end of life for our 14 year old, Bailey. When I started talking to Tommy, he told me about his first Boykin and how he had never looked back. He got it. We just loved the breed. We have traveled eight hours to MAXR kennels for our last two pups, and cant say enough about the kindness and compassion of Tommy. His kennels are roomy and clean in a rural area that makes you want to hang out for awhile. You cant go wrong going to Tommy and his little brown dogs. Baxter Jackson, now 2 1/2, and Bentley Preston, now 6 months are bonding beautify and thriving here in the woods of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Im looking at our two boys in the yard as they are sitting statue still looking at a doe and a yearling dear across the fence on our property. If youre looking for a Boykin, its well worth the trip to go see Tommy and MAXR KENNELS.

S Starnes | Jul 16, 2018

Buying my first Boykin from Mr.Reeves was the best choice! He answered all the questions that I had about Boykins and kept giving me more informations. Max R Kennels are A++++ kennels. Mr.Reeves greeting my family with the most of kindness when we picked up Stella from him. I recommend this breeder to anyone! Thanks Again!!

bailey Lester | Jul 13, 2017

P. Dietrick | Jul 3, 2017

Had a great experience with Tommy and MaxRBoykins. This is my first pup and settled on a Boykin for their versatility in the field or the duck pond. From the start, Tommy's expertise and love for his dogs is apparent. Easy process the whole way around for a first time owner. His kennels are clean and roomy and his dogs are healthy, happy and eager to learn. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for their next bird dog

B. Goodson | Aug 23, 2015

I cannot say enough nice things about Tommy and his dogs. I've owned labs for the last 20+ years. After losing my last one at 14, a friend turned me onto Boykins and MaxR. We got out first Boykin from Tommy back in April and picked up our second one in August. The love Tommy has for his dogs and the pups is evident. He insists on good homes and follows up on his pups. Smart, healthy, great looking dogs and Tommy is a pleasure to deal with. Would recommend him to any of my friends.

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