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Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: Small Munsterlander

To us, being a Small Munsterlander breeder is more than just being a place to purchase a dog - we promise to be available to our buyers to assist with questions as the puppies grow, assistance with training and providing training events and on-going support and camaraderie throughout the lifetime of your Small Munsterlander. We have trained and bred hunting dogs for 20+ years and then discovered the German Small Munsterlander and have not thought about owning another breed since their intelligence, hunting drive and eager to please personalities make them stand out as the dog of choice for us.

Our goal as a kennel is to breed healthy, stable, well trained hunting dogs who are also calm, loving companions in the home. Having a small homed-based kennel ensures that our dogs are given plenty of individual care and attention and nurtured in a warm and loving environment. We are proud members and a registered kennel with the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) and support our local NAVHDA chapter in Missouri/Kansas (John is a Board member) and are also active in the Small Munsterlander Club of North America.

Our promise to our buyers is to breed only healthy, high quality dogs who have exceeded NAVHDA testing standards and are proven in the field as aggressive, relentless hunters. Our breeding program includes inporting semen and/or puppies from European countries as well as our own stud dogs and other Small Munserlanders within the US. We have imported several dogs from the Czech Republic and we recently imported several pups that have the only genetics in the US, to help diversify and improve the genetics of the breed.

*is to grow our kennel into a center for breeding excellence, producing intelligent, healthy, tireless hunting/tracking/retrieving versatile hunting dogs.
*to only breed the best quality dogs we can find based on conformation, temperment and exceptional hunting ability/high test scores.
*to provide on-going training and support and to become a resource for our customers to train for field trials and natural ability tests.
*to commit ourselves to preserving and improving the Small Munsterlander breed by only breeding healthy, proven hunting dogs with impressive pedigrees and conformations that are true to the German FCI standard.

If you would like to see this breed in action, please call or email - it would be our honor and pleasure to introduce you.
John & Sande Mustain
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