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Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: English Pointer

Nowwithem Pointers started when I saw my first pointer winning the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. My goal was to have one just like 'Deputy" and breed to match his quality. My kennel name is based on the original lines in North America, Herewithem Pointers started by Mr. Maloney. Following was Truewithem Kennels of Dr. Robert Parker where I got my first foundation dog, "Ponty ". Next was the Stillwithem Pointers of Luann Marr and I felt I should carry on the tradition, hence Nowwithem Pointers.

My main goal in breeding is to produce sound, healthy and well tempered pointers. They should be great family companions, couch potatoes and bed buddies. If the owners wish to hunt, they can fill their bird bags as well.

Conformation, tracking, obedience and agility are all areas that my pointers have been successful in.

The POINTER is known for its gentle nature, great compamionship and hunting ability.
Does upland game - quail, pheasant and chukar.
Stud service and older dogs available.
Approved homes only.

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