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Bob Allender | Sep 10, 2014

My father took me to a dog show as a young boy; the very first dog I saw was an Irish Setter. Ive been in love ever since that time. More than ten years ago I met Bob and Evan Devlin and was introduced to the Irish Red and White Setter. It has been my privilege to now have two of their dogs who have been the greatest gifts I have ever received. Garland is over ten, completely unaware of his age. Mairead just turned one year. Garland is everything I dreamed of as a boy. Mairead is young and looks to have just as much if not more athleticism and instinct than Garland. More importantly their temperaments are that of the perfect companion who is more at home with their person and would prefer to be with you all the time. Ive never lost a bird in the field to Garland. His first point in the field brought tears to the womans eye who was working with me; big three-point stance with tail erect. Something he has replicated many times in the field. Ive done hunt tests with him, he has never failed. Yes a great part of these dogs is the breeding, but just as important it is the people who raise them and prepare them for their new homes. These are the first breeders Ive met who follow and care for their dogs many years after the dogs have left for their new homes. They have also been there for me when I needed advice and help, again many years after. Thanks you for the two greatest gifts.

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