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Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: Labrador Retriever

Our Bella had 7 good looking pups (1 girl and 3 boys left) whelped October 16th. They will be ready right before Christmas (December 11th) to go to their new forever home.
Bella is an Advanced pointing Retriever(APR) and a Junior Hunter(JH) and comes from a long line of hunt test champions and 4x master pointing retrievers with some in the APLA Hall of fame. Bella is a beautiful blockier female, she has a nice square head and a very nice build, and is big boned. She weighs 55lbs. She has a great nose and loves to retrieve and is a natural swimmer. She is bird crazy, but knows how to turn it off with the family. Not only will she turn heads with her hunting ability but her looks are just as good. She is our pet and we love her.
The sire (Crew) has not attempted to get any titles but comes from an star studded line with field trial champions and hunt test champions as well as the coveted 4x GMPR title back multiple generations on both sides and APLA hall of fame on both sides. He weighs 55 lbs. He is a family pet and loves to spend time fetching anything they can throw at him and loves to swim.
These pups will be incredibly smart and will be a perfect hunting partner in the day and play with the family in the evenings. Our puppies receive early neurological stimulation a program the US Military developed designed to improve the performance of future military working dogs. Benefits also include improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate), stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease. We will introduce the pups to birds wings at week 4 to get them accustomed to the scent. They will also have spent countless hours with our 6 kids, adults and other dogs to get them well socialized so they are ready for you. The puppies come with dew claws removed, will have up to date vaccinations, will be dewormed and have their vet checks at 6 weeks of age.
Price for your new family member is $1,250 for females and $1,150 for males. with a $200 deposit. First deposit first pick, second deposit second pick and so on.
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