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Our journey began in 1996 in Mark McGuire -St. Louis with an eight and ten year old boy, a basement kennel and Show-Me Coco. Bobs desire to have the best upland hunting dog around was not met in Coco. Becky got to her first. However, our third Boykin, Buster was Bobs constant companion in the field, truck or by the fire. He was a retrieving beast. That is until the first Boykin Nationals we attended, where he dropped every bird exactly six feet in front of Bob. Every time. Dream crushed.

We have had as many as eleven Boykins (our rescue days) and as few as three. Currently located in Charlotte, NC, we now have seven. We usually have one Spring litter and two Fall litters. We have been involved with the Boykin Spaniel Society and the BSS National Trials since 1996 and our dogs are HIP OFA, Heart OFA, EYE CERF and EIC, once of age. Two of our males, Show-Me Sam Bo and Show-Me Leo are OFA Excellent, and reveal our efforts towards eliminating hip problems in our breed.

We love attending the BSS National Trials for the social aspect, however, with Bobs limited expertise in training, ribbons and awards are designated to other participants. We strive to breed Boykins that have a great temperament yet retain the Boykins natural retrieving instincts, but being a respectable member in the house is our primary concern.

We welcome all visitors and phone calls to let us get to know you a little better and to allow you to become more acquainted with our dogs.

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