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Please share your experience of buying a new dog or puppy from Triple I Kennels Redbone Coonhounds. Please remember the old adage, “If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.”

Mike Ramsey | Jun 6, 2022

Our dog was extremely aggressive! Two training programs and two vets came to the conclusion two put a physically healthy dog down but not a mentally stable dog down. I called and left two messages never got a call back. I would not buy a dog there again. Aggressive biting issues.

Mr. and Mrs Dwight Knode | May 29, 2022

Emmett July Augustus Knode. Born July.6,2018. Beautiful, Loving, loyal, healthy. Father is Nothing But Trouble. Mother is Texas Tornado. Emmett has been a joy since the day I picked up this little red mahogany-colored puppy. He has a lot of fans in our neck of the neighborhood. Emmett's trainer has discussed his breed with people on his travels as far as North Dakota, New Mexico, and throughout the South West. Everyone who has met Emmett comments on how handsome he is.

Anonymous | Mar 28, 2022

Puppy mill! Stay away!

Anonymous | Feb 16, 2022

Go somewhere else. This is not a reputable breeder. Many health issues. Our girl developed cancer at a young age and after treatment died at 6 years old. Poor breeding.

Anonymous | Dec 27, 2021

Our Redbone started with health issues at age 1. Beautiful pup but sick on inside. After spending thousands on tests and medicines he died at 7 years old. So sad.

Anonymous | Apr 6, 2021

Dogs have health and aggressive issues. I was told by my vet that they appear to be a puppy mill.

Asher | Jul 7, 2020

Dogs are not wormed properly and may have intestinal issues had to put my dog down at 11 mounts due to an intestinal overlap caused by worms destroying his intestines. The dog was an awesome hunting and family dog and looked good but ant give them a good review due to health issues that could have been prevented if the worming was done correctly

Winston | Nov 27, 2018

Best damn dogs on the east coast!

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