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F. Reeves | Jun 21, 2018

A friend of mine had his dog trained about 4 yrs. ago for Force Fetching by Tuxedo Kennels (Onalaska, WA) and recommended them. Rich Masky was assigned to train my dog Jack. My friend picked up Jack and another dog (Elsa) and dropped them off at Tuxedo Kennels. I was told that the dogs would be ready to be picked up 12JUN. Rode down with my friend to pick up the dogs. When we arrived Masky said he would give a demo of what he trained them on, but did not address any of the training that he had done (I.E. Force fetching). Masky did not realize my friend was bringing the dogs owners with him. He demod Elsa first, and at that time, I and Elsa's owner realized the dog was not trained properly. She failed to accomplish any of the tasks put before her. Furthermore, Elsa's owner checked the dog, and noticed the dog had been in a fight. She had puncture wounds on her back from where she had been bitten by another dog over 2 weeks old. Masky acted as if nothing had happened, and denied any negligence. Next, he brought out my dog Jack. Jack went through his retrieval with the bird, but did not bring it back to hand, as he was supposed to be trained to do. This was a total failure to train both dogs, as well as a waste of money. More concerning is the condition the dogs were returned in. Jack had Kennel Sores all over his body, and sores on his testicles, which cost me 148$ at the vet to have examined, and treated with antibiotics. Elsa was also taken to the Vet, and put on Antibiotics for the open sores on her body from the fight. PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS INDIVIDUAL. Although the website is well designed, it is deceiving. For this kennel to charge 900 dollars, fail to train dogs, and return them in poor health is an absolute travesty. There is no excuse for the state of either my Jack or Elsa were returned in from a supposedly professional kennel. The irresponsibility, lack of oversight, lack of accountability and complete failure to properly train and keep these dogs is why I will NOT be recommending them, and furthermore dissuading anyone I know from paying for Tuxedo Kennels to "train" their dogs.

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