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Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: Golden Retriever

For over 35 years, Wasatch Kennel has provided puppies for field trial, hunt test and hunting golden retrievers to avid hunters and trailers. We specialize in training golden retriever pups to be strong hunting partners, as they are bred for speed, marking ability, prey drive, good water ethic, determination and trainability. Under the direction of an experienced veterinarian, we choose our dams and sires carefully to ensure we only breed the most physically sound retrievers.

Retrievers from Wasatch Kennel are not only tremendous working dogs and hunting partners; they also make terrific family pets. Our dogs are always eager to please, whether they are in the field retrieving game, training or playing inside your home. Each pup starts with pinnacle health from hard-working parents, and many go on to achieve AKC/UKC field tiles and championships. See our new puppies to find your new hunting dog and family pet.

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