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Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Welcome to Wildwood Kennels of Tok Alaska, home of champions. We produce a high quality Chesapeake with exceptional conformation. Our handsome Chesapeake's are superb hunting and family dogs, with many of them capable in field trials and as hunt test competitors. They can also excel at obedience and agility. Chesapeake's are some of the most intelligent of all dogs and are very devoted to those who own them. Most staunch Chesapeake owners can relate to their uncanny memory and marking abilities.

Our dogs are AKC registered,certified OFA or Penn- hip to be free of DHD and Have CERF,,or OptiGem for eyes.

I have made it my lifelong goal to breed Chesapeakes who are still able be used for hunting in tough conditions, are good looking with good size and powerful both in the water and on land .Careful consideration is given to every breeding while keeping the genetics of our dogs is as pure as possible for the traits these dogs need .This produces outstanding working Chesapeake Retrievers who are also able to reproduce their own good type. I use only the Chesapeakes I consider to be the most outstanding of their breed when choosing mating's and this continues to produce the best offspring. While using my old bloodlines I have since added dogs who trace back many times to my first pair of dogs . Wildwood Chesapeakes are seen on many of the top field trial and hunting pedigrees of modern day Bay dogs. I will continue to breed the old fashioned , hard going Chesapeake duck dogs that were so carefully developed in America, known by many to be the King of Retrievers.

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