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Terrence S Talbot | Dec 14, 2018

Our family bought a Tri-color puppy(black, full hood), Shannon (Wingswept Shenandoah Clearview: Wind'em Shenandoah Dancer) in 2008. Deane told me at the time, "I think she'll make a fine little gun dog." Shannon has far exceeded Deane's prediction. She's has been a birdy robot(i.e. push button) on quail, grouse, and woodcock. In a pinch, if the water isn't too cold, she's been a good duck retriever too. As a family dog she's extremely gentle and loving, so much so, that she works the winters as a therapy dog in our local retirement homes, and has added years to our elderly mother's life as her day companion. Her best 4-legged friend is our Mum's cat Cali. Loves playing w/ kids and other dogs. Deane was the founder of the Llewellin Breeders Association and I'm sorry to hear that he and Virginia retired. Shannon is almost 11 now and is still very spry. I'm slowly throttling back her work in the field. I hope Deane can recommend another Llewellin breeder to me.

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